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First Time Home Buyer



First Time Home Buyer


Buying a home is usually the biggest financial commitment most people will make in their lifetime.  That's why it is important to not only understand why buying is a smart financial decision but also to understand the process and the commitment you are making when you purchase your first home.


South Scottsdale is a great area in which to purchase your first home!  Homes are relatively affordable when compared to the rest of the city and there is a lot of activity in the South and Old Town Scottsdale areas that allow for a great lifestyle.



Home Appreciation


 Why is owning a home a smart decision?

  • Governmental tax benefits for home ownership. Currently loan interest, property taxes, and mortgage insurance offer a tax break incentive.
  • Appreciation.  Owning a home in like putting money toward a retirement account every month.  The longer you hold on to the home, the more value it will gain.  Under current Capital Gains tax statues, a single person will not be taxed on an up to $250,000 gain and a married couple up to $500,000 gain on the sale of their home.  Please consult with your tax advisor for more details.
  • Personal preferences.  You get to choose how to remodel your home, its your house, not someone else's!
  • You aren't paying someone else's mortgage payment and missing out on tax, appreciation, and personal preference benefits.


Tax Benefits


So why is now a GREAT time to be a first time buyer?

  • Historically low interest rates
  • Home are "on sale"


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